I spent this past weekend in the beautiful city of Strasbourg. Though it’s technically in France, Strasbourg is only 4km from the German border and flip-flopped between countries multiple times. The result is a very quaint, cute fusion town (though the people are a little mean).


Our first day, we got off the train and headed to our AirBnB, which was in the historic part of Strasbourg! Next to the Notre Dame de Strasbourg and many bars and restaurants, it was in a perfect location. After dropping off our stuff, Emma and I headed grabbed the local flammekueche, also called tarte flambée for lunch. It’s basically a flatbread with cheese, or a very thin crust, rectangular pizza. I got one with raclette, ham and potatoes. It was good, though I wouldn’t seek it out in the future. Next door was the Notre Dame, which was one of the most beautiful I have seen yet. We climbed up 330 steps (!!) to the top of the cathedral’s tower, where we had a beautiful view of the city and even the Black Forest. We then headed to Petite France, which looked straight out of a fairytale. It was so beautiful, and I felt so content and happy wandering around aimlessly. We stopped by a cafe along the river for a quick coffee before heading back to the AirBnB through a shopping area where I impulse bought a dress (oops). For dinner we went to a local Alsacienne restaurant for dinner. I got choucroute, recommended to me by my host mom. It was a plate of sauerkraut, various meats and potatoes and dijon mustard and it was so good! That is definitely something I will look for more in the future. Because we are old grandmas, we picked up some cool beer from a specialty beer store on our street and hung out in our room for a very rowdy St. Patrick’s Day.



Our second day was rainy, so we decided to do more indoor activities. We grabbed pastries and coffee for breakfast, and I got a really yummy German pastry and cappuccino. Next we headed to Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg, a wine cellar which has the oldest white wine barrel in the world! Then we went to Musée historique de Strasbourg, where we learned about Strasbourg history (very interesting) and there were a bunch of costumes I got to try on (10/10 would recommend). After, we got a quick lunch of tartines, another local food. These are basically open faced sandwiches – I got one of rillettes and pickles which was really yummy (and cheap, yay). Then we walked to Palais Rohan, a place turned into three museums. We went to the archaeology museum (pretty boring, honestly) and then the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which were the royal apartments so much cooler. We walked back home and pre-gamed our dinner with some beer (I had a nice IPA), then found a Tunisian restaurant which was amazing!



Our last day was a bit shorter since our train left at 3:30PM. We decided to walk to the only main part of town we hadn’t seen yet (it’s a small town), where there is the Parc l’Orangerie and a couple of European Union buildings, including the Parliament. The park was really pretty and clean, with a lot of in shape people on runs. It weirdly reminded me of a stereotypical American suburb. Except, this park had a full blown zoo in the middle of it, and a chill version of go-karting for younger kids. I wish our parks were like that. After walking around a bit and cleaning up the beignet that exploded all over me ( 😦 ), we walked to the EU buildings. The Parliament building was incredible, and looked straight out of futuristic cityscape. Since this part was further away from the main city, it didn’t feel like it was ruining the fairytale feel. We headed back to our AirBnB to grab our stuff and check out, and then went to Petite France for our last lunch  before setting out for our train. All in all, a really great trip and beautiful little city which I would love to go back to some day.




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