We spent three of our seven days in Napoli, the birthplace of pizza. The city is one of the poorer ones in Italy, which is reflected by the graffiti on literally every building. However, the location, the history and the pizza made it a great choice for the week.


We arrived in Napoli at around 9am, and took a taxi to our AirBnB, which was probably one of the most stressful events of my life. Apparently there lanes are just light suggestions… (Crossing the street was equally stressful, but we got the hang of it after a day.) After resting a bit (I woke up at 4:30am), we headed out to explore. We walked around some of the bigger sites, had lunch at one of the best pizza places in the city, and hung out by the Mediterranean Sea!

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Emma and I spent Valentine’s Days in Napoli after trips to Pompeii, Capri and Sorrento. We started our day at Castel Nuovo, which was slightly underwhelming for being a must-see on many lists. We then moved to the Royal Palace of Naples. The palace was incredible; there was so much marble and amazing attention to detail. It really was breathtaking. After grabbing some gnocchi for lunch (we didn’t have a less than amazing meal all week), we made our way down to Giardini del Molosiglio to mentally prepare ourselves for the trek to the highest point in the city: Castle Saint Elmo and Certosa e Museo di San Martino. I had read online there was an elevator that we could take part of the way up, which was a lie. While the views on the way up where beautiful, I was pretty over all the stairs after Capri. Of course, it was completely worth it. The views of Mt. Vesuvius looming over the bay were the best in the city. After exploring the castle and monastery, we were so exhausted that climbing back down was not an option. We literally hopped on the first bus we saw, knowing only that wherever it was going had to be down. Luckily, we were sitting next to a British couple with a map, (our phones had no signal), and made a game plan to get home, eat and pass out. We went to dinner at a cute neighborhood pizzeria, where almost no one spoke English. Everyone was looking at us, excited to see Americans, and some other customers even came to us to ask how we liked the food. Our waiter also thought Emma and I were on a date which was pretty cute.


To round off our exciting and exhausting week in Italy, we decided to spend our last day in Napoli. Our flight left at around 9:00PM, giving us plenty of time to take in our last day properly. We had a pretty chill day planned: breakfast, Orto Botanico di Napoli, lunch and then Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. For breakfast, I decided to try a baba, a Neapolitan specialty. I did not realize, however, that it’s a cake soaked in a rum sugar syrup. I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t love it, and the alcohol on an empty stomach wasn’t the greatest feeling either. From breakfast we headed to the garden, which was kind of neglected so we only spent about an hour there.

The archaeological museum was very cool. The bottom floor was dedicated to Egyptian art, one of my favorites, and had a couple of mummies and a mummified crocodile! The mosaic tile room was also beautiful, with many mosaics coming from Pompeii. The museum also had a “secret room” – basically a room for Pompeian porn. Very unexpected, and definitely my sexiest museum visit.

Overall, the day was a great end to an even greater week. I had so much fun exploring so many parts of Italy and I cannot wait to go back!!




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