Pompeii and Caserta

During my week in Italy, I took two day trips outside of the Amalfi Coast to Pompeii and Caserta. Pompeii and Caserta are two very different places, and we had two very different experiences.


I’ve been fascinated with Pompeii since I was a little girl, and so this was the day trip I was looking forward to the most. It definitely did not disappoint. There was a modern art exhibition happening while we were there, with sculptures scattered throughout the ruins. To be honest, I didn’t understand all of the art (I’m not super into modern art), but it was cool nonetheless. Pompeii was big,something I didn’t think of, but makes sense when you remember it was a city.

It was amazing to see how much of the city was still intact – the mosaics, the paint on the walls, the columns and even art work. It was very easy to imagine how beautiful and grand Pompeii must have been back in the day.

Our dinner was back in Napoli, and it was amazing. It was hipster and trendy – not the kind of place I expected to find in Napoli. Our waiter was a cool guy, and he explained the whole menu to us in English. We got a cheese and veggie platter to start, and I ordered the house special pork smoked sandwich and a Mahou Negra stout beer. All in all, a 10/10 meal.

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Emma and I spent our second to last day visiting the Royal Palace and Gardens in Caserta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the day after our Rome trip, so we were extremely tired and not really feeling it. We were hoping for a low-key day wandering around a beautiful palace and gardens. Unfortunately, the day was a little more eventful than we were striving for, with a lot of catcalling and even being followed off our train at night. But, the palace was really beautiful, especially the interior. The gardens and sculpture gardens could have been even more beautiful with a bit more upkeep, but it was warm and sunny, and thus perfect walking weather.


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