Loire Valley

I spent this past weekend at Loire Valley, an area in France known for its wine and  châteaux. I’ve wanted to visit this area since I started taking French in high school, so I was super excited when my program announced the two day trip. We saw:

Château de ChenonceauChâteau de Blois and Château de Chambord. I was probably the most excited for Château de Chambord, though all three are equally famous and equally beautiful.


We left school early in the morning to begin our trip to the Valley. We arrived around 1PM, and we got a (three course) lunch at a cute little restaurant right next to Château de Chenonceau. After lunch, we walked towards to the château to begin our private audi-guided tour (my favorite).

After our visit, we hopped back on the bus to the city of Blois, where we spent the night to see the Château de Blois the next morning. That night I went out with a couple other people in the program. We hung around the steps near the center of the city, drinking wine out of the bottle and hanging out. I felt like a delinquent, but it was pretty low-key and nice. On the way back to the hotel we stopped by a bar which was lit. There were a bunch of middle-aged people dancing and having a good time, and it was a fun environment. I hung out for a bit before me and a couple others headed back for the night.


The next morning we grabbed breakfast in the hotel before visiting Château de Blois. This château is particularly interesting because it has been built over a long period, but the different pieces are very easy to distinguish.

After Château de Blois, we grabbed lunch at a restaurant in the main part of the city. There was a farmer’s market going on at the same time, which was cute to walk around a bit. Next, we hopped back on the bus to head to our final destination, Château de Chambord.

The château was overwhelmingly beautiful in a different way than the other two. While Château de Chenonceau was more striking from the side view, and Château de Blois once you passed the main facade, Château de Chambord was meant for royalty from the initial look. The château lived up to my hopes, and I was in a perpetual state of awe for three hours.




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